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Course History


The Park golf course was created in 1911 at the time Hovenden House was built. Hovenden was the family home of Arthur Hovenden Worth, the founder of AH Worth and Company Limited.


The Park golf course covering a total area of thirty eight acres is today still owned by the Worth family who have over the decades developed the course to offer challenges to golfers of all standards, whilst enjoying its mature landscape and varied wildlife.


Golf has been played at Hovenden for over 25 years. Mr Tony Worth was the driving force in designing the course with two senior members of the Hunstanton Golf Club, John Piccaver and Alan Oakes. Through the trees they managed to find room for 9 holes; 6 par threes and 3 par fours. Initially the golfers shared the course with sheep, but, because of the success of the course, the mix of golfers and livestock was never going to work in the long term. About 18 years ago, the golfers won and the sheep were moved on!

What We Have Now

We have a unique course mainly because of the magnificent mature trees. The course changes throughout the year as the leaves come and go! We have a course for all standards of players who can have a pleasant, un-pressured game of golf in beautiful surroundings. It is a course where a more skilled golfer can bring friends or family to develop their game.

Our Vision

We want to enhance the unique values of the course, its trees, its forever green fairways and its friendly pleasant atmosphere. We want to make the course more pleasurable for all members. This does not mean totally changing the character of our unique course, but what it does mean is continually improving what we have got!

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